About our mission

PPEDirectshop.com was founded in 2020 midst Coronavirus pandemic with the help of strategic partners. As there were many uncertainties at the early stages this new virus, many institutions found themselves extremely unprepared. As time passes, we still find ourselves a bit uncertain about the capabilities and adaptations of Covid-19. However, one thing is for certain, Personal Protective Equipment can help stop the spread.

As many agencies are having difficulties obtaining FDA approved Personal Protective Equipment to protect their team, we have made it our top priority to provide efficient solutions to keep them safe. Here are a few of the reasons why you can trust PPEdirectshop.com.

  • We buy directly from the production fulfillment, which secures the product for your order.
  • A large portion of our PPE sales have been to State & Government Agencies.
  • We have the backing of US ECTF members, who also vet all suppliers
  • We have a reliable supply chain from shipping, import and escrow teams.
  • Products are delivered in a timely manner (7-10 Day Lead time)

For more information about the products within our wholesale supply and their minimum order quantities (MOQ), we encourage you to browse our catalogue.

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